8:30am  Recovery Above Ground New Life Day Center, 224 N. Martin Luther King Blvd., Lexington  (O)
3:00pm Life After Death Telford YMCA, 1100 E Main St., Richmond (O)
4:00pm  Hope at Hope Privett Center; 250 W Loudon Ave, Lexington  (O,ST,WC)
6:00pm  Work the Steps and Live Greater Liberty Baptist Church; 330 Chestnut St, Lexington   (O,ST)
6:00pm  Living Clean 1st United Methodist Church; 401 West Main St, Richmond   (O)
7:00pm Sharing without Shame 143 Woodford St, Lawrenceburg  (suite 3; heroes room) (O)
7:30pm  Think it Through Recovery Roadhouse; 725 S 2nd St, Danville   (O)
8:00pm  Lose the Fear The Ridge; 3050 Rio Dosa Dr, Lexington   (O,WC,SP)
8:00pm  Serenity on Sunday Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; 425 Patchen Dr, Lexington   (O,WC)