8:00am Never Too Early
Victory Christian Church; 148 Victory Ave, Lexington
12:00pm Lunch Bunch
Community Action Council; 913 Georgetown St., Lexington
6:00pm Think it Through
Recovery Roadhouse; 725 S 2nd St, Danville
6:00pm Serenity Group
Women’s Hope Center; 1524 Versailles Rd, Lexington
6:00pm Clean Today
New Life Day Center; 224 N Martin Luther King Blvd, Lexington
 6:30  111 1/2  111 1/2 Bridge Street, Frankfort  (O,D)
 7:00 Sharing Without Shame  143 Woodford Street Suite 3, Heroes Room, Lawrenceburg  (O,V)
7:00pm Sunny Days Ahead
The Wesley House at the United Methodist Church; 202 Fee St, Berea
7:00pm Here to Stay
Two Broke Girls Building, 39 S. Main St, Winchester
8:00pm Hugs Not Drugs New Life Day Center; 224 N Martin Luther King Blvd., Lexington (O,ST,LS,BT)